Site Visit & Quotation

We schedule an appointment and come out to your home, take measurements, discuss your needs and provide professional recommendations and suggestions. As
a result, you get an accurate quote which should not be changing throughout the project unless the scope has changed. This part takes one to two days and is cost and obligation free


Permits & Scheduling

Once we have agreed on the scope and budget, we will prepare a purchase agreement, schedule your construction start and estimated finish dates. We will then work towards obtaining the building, electrical and gas permits (if required).  This part takes anywhere from 1 to 3 days. We will collect a fee to cover the costs of the permit and secure scheduling  dates of construction

Construction Milestones & Progress Payments

Depending on the project size and complexity this process usually takes from 2 to 6 weeks. We do implement a progress payment schedule for nearly all of our projects. You never pay for an undone or future work. We typically divide the project to 3 to 4 milestones, such as concrete foundation, framing, electrical rough-in, finishes etc. and divide it to equal payments* which are due upon completion of each milestone. The final payment is always due upon passing all inspections, finalizing the project and your full satisfaction! 

*Only licensed prepaid contractors are eligible to collect payments before project end date. Please ensure the contractor you are hiring is a licensed prepaid contractor by visiting:

Post Project

Once all the construction is over and you are enjoying your new garage, basements, or deck, we are always here for you. Whether you need to leave a feedback, or in need of a service call, we are one phone call away and obliged to promptly respond to your requests

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