How to take care of my new concrete garage pad & driveway?2021-01-05T22:32:48+00:00

By taking few easy but very important  steps, you may reduce the risk of concrete damage and avoid costly repairs to your concrete pad and driveway.

  1. Remember, it takes roughly 28 days (temp. dependent) for concrete to reach it’s 80% strength, hence, we strongly recommend not driving over your concrete  during that time. We also advise you not to drive or keep any personal belongings throughout the construction period
  2. The rest of the 20% will get cured over the next year or so, it’s important to ensure care is taken during that period by not applying any ice melting chemicals or salt on your driveway and concrete pad and side walk. Those chemicals & salts will blend with the uncured concrete & damage it. Instead we recommend shoveling the snow & out & keep the area off prolonged icing build up.
  3. The slope in your garage is meant to flow out most of the water but not all of it. In addition the garage door seal may prevent the water from flowing out. Water in your garage can accumulate from different sources such as melting snow from cars & open overhead doors. To avoid water damage to your walls and concrete floor we strongly recommend to squeegee out the water out on a regular basis
  4. As you have probably noticed the garage pad and driveway contains expansion joints to avoid cracks. We recommend cleaning the often and keep the dirt and ice build up. this will allow the water to flow freely and prolong the life cycle of your concrete.
  5. Using sharp and/or heavy objects to clear off ice or drilling through concrete during the first year can also have a negative effect and may damage the concrete. Avoid using hammers, ice breakers, crowbars especially in the first year of your new concrete pad
Why did your construction prices increased2020-11-25T04:57:55+00:00
It’s all about supply and demand. We are dealing with commodities, trades availability and wages on day to day basis
Prices of raw construction materials almost doubled for the past year alone. We encourage you to read the stats online. We have included one for you bellow: https://www.rcinet.ca/en/2020/09/24/huge-jump-in-lumber-costs-means-more-expensive-homes/

The cost of construction lumber has spiked considerably – in some cases up to 100 per cent.

All other materials got affected with it as it correlates with the aforementioned supply and demand. The recent pandemic played a fundamental role in this trend 
This is the reality of the market state to date
Nevertheless Alta Home strives to keep consumer cost at a minimum, even if it means slashing margins as we do recognize the difficulty everyone is going through these days and the need for the services 
What is covered by your insurance policy, should I be getting additional insurance?2020-07-25T16:50:53+00:00

There are many risk factors throughout a construction project on your property. Liability, acts of God, hail damage, flood, health and safety, theft, vandalism and other unfortunate events that no one wants to face. It’s very important to manage risk by knowing the det