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DIY vs. Hiring A Professional Contractor

Can I really build my garage? Develop a basement? Or handle my concrete job?

As a homeowner, you can always contemplate the idea of finishing your home addition projects such as garage builds and basement development yourself known as D.I.Y instead of hiring a professional contractor, but there are some questions to think about first before taking that important decision. Here are some of them:

Consider your skills and abilities very carefully. Having practical experience is not the same as following product instructions, as fixing mistakes can get costly and very stressful. And hiring the right professional to do the job can actually save more money.

Do I have enough time to do it or even to manage it?

Major construction projects can take up a lot of your own time, especially without enough experience, some projects are time sensitive like building a garage before winter or developing a basement to be able to have a finished living space, as it affects the residents’ day-to-day routine, so before committing to the do-it-yourself project, you need to be realistic about how much time it would take and its impact.

Am I really going to save money by hiring a bunch of trades?

Most chances you will spend a lot more than hiring a specialized dedicated company to finish the project. There are several reasons for it. We give you an all-in package price. Each trade will want to make as much as possible on their particular trade because they don’t see the big picture as well. This also translates to slacking off because independent trades rarely think about the next trade to come after him. Managing their schedule and communicating the work can cause a lot of frustration and time consumption

Am I really going to save money doing it my self?

Unfortunately, that is not always the case, sometimes buying all the tools, equipment, and extra material to cover the extra waste that comes with the lack of experience may even cost more than hiring a professional. In addition, a good contractor may be able to suggest ways to reduce the cost of the renovation project.

Do I have the tools and equipment?

The cost of tools and equipment can be undermined when planning your own DIY project, although renting is always an option, but adding that cost to the budget may still add up, so make sure to be realistic when including the renting or the buying cost for the tools you would need.

Am I fine with handling dirt and cleanup?

Major home renovation projects include 90% demolition work, as you may spend days & even weeks getting rid of the old concrete, or bathroom. Moreover, even simple tasks such as painting can get messy, and if not done carefully, it can also cause damages to the carpet and other surfaces. So, if you cannot stand that, then this is another reason to hire a professional.

Can I achieve the professional quality I am looking for?

It is not only about doing the job, but also the quality of the job is very important, so you need to ask yourself whether you can tile the floors, or you can do that in a professional way, you don’t want to live with tiles that are cut wrong or cabinets that are not levelled, so you need to put into consideration the cost of the quality you are getting when hiring a professional as well.

Why Chose Alta Home To Complete your renovation?

 At Alta Home, all of us come with an extensive construction background and have built multi-family housing in the past long before starting our company. We got fabulous master plumber/gas fitter, master electrician and highly skilled trades such as flooring, drywall taper, painter, etc. all are highly skilled professionals that really care and we are proud to have them as part of our team.

So, whether you decide to Do-it-yourself or hire a professional contractor, you need to answer those questions honestly and be realistic about your budget and expectations. And although it may seem tempting to save some of the upfront cost and perhaps even hire some sub trades to help along the way. But at the end of the day, the results might not be so money savvy and definitely not as stress-free as expected.

If you have an upcoming renovation project and would need a professional opinion or a free quote you can always contact us, we will be glad to help.


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