We Know Ground Work! – All Type Of Concrete & Excavation Jobs

Types Of Concrete Jobs We Handle

Concrete Garage Pads

As its name suggests: Garage Pads a.k.a Garage Slabs a.k.a Garage Concrete Floors are used for garages, or parking pads. We build all sort of sizes and specs of garage pads depending on the garage size and specs. Intended to be placed on that pad. All our pads do come with an avg. of 5” thick, 2% slope towards the alley, adequate reinforcement, 32 MPa concrete mix, 20ml. aggregate, compacted subgrade, curb walls, smooth finish, an apron and relief joint line to ensure it’s sturdiness & longtime service

New & Restored Driveway

Unlike a garage pad, concrete Driveways will generally have a steeper slope, no curb walls, but otherwise serves the same purpose. We are fully equipped to break/demolish & haul away your old cracked and damaged driveway and place a new one in it’s spot. We use the same specs as our Garage pad


Side-Walks sometime called pathways are used to walk either around your building or from your house to a garage or to street. Our sidewalks come in 2’-6”’, 3’ and 4’ w