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Material Shortage, Price Hikes & Other “goodies” We Need to Adapt to

Materials Shortages & Price Volatility challenges for Garages, Basements, & Home Improvements Projects - & How We Can Help As we approached the 3rd quarter of 2020 to date builders across the country experienced a series of unprecedented spikes and manufacturing disruptions for almost every single construction material product,  While this especially applies to lumber, there is also a shortage of building materials for vinyl siding, roofing, steel, concrete, trusses [...]

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Building Inspections During COVID-19

Building Inspections During the Covid-19 Pandemic Covid-19 has certainly didn't leave anyone indifferent. The construction industry had to get adapted to the new regulations, protocols and inspections on projects. Most jurisdictions including the City of Calgary implemented a new way of conducting building, electrical and gas inspection on construction sites, and residents of the premises on which the job took place. The process involves a video-call inspection where the [...]

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Planning Your Construction Projects During COVID-19

COVID-19 and Your Home Improvement Project With the home improvement season around the corner, over the last few weeks, we have received many enquiries and questions. Most are related to our process and feasibility of building a garage and completing a basement development project during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you may be guessing whether moving forward with your home improvement project is a good idea. While the situation remains looking [...]

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2019 Our Year In Review

2019 was an incredible year for Alta Home Garages and More and it wouldn’t be possible without you! We are ecstatic to announce: A record-high of 458 projects completed 118 Brand new customers added 25 x Positive Reviews on HomeStars With Best Of HomeStars 2019 Award as well as many new positive Google and TrustedPros reviews 5 New outstanding team members New additions of Heavy Equipment, tools and vehicles [...]

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How to Guarantee a Successful Home Improvement Project?

Home improvement projects such as building a garage, developing a basement or renovating the whole house can and do get overwhelming. To get to desired results you must have a detailed plan of action. The plan should entail a level of involvement. Hiring the right professionals who can either do the work or help to guide you through the process will help to avoid unnecessary mistakes along the way. To [...]