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We are fully equipt concrete contractor with a great track reccord in Calgary area. See what we do, and how we do it

Types Of Concrete Jobs We Handle

Concrete Garage Pads

Purpose & Specs:

As its name suggests: Garage Pads a.k.a Garage Slabs a.k.a Garage Concrete Floors are used for garages, or parking pads. We build all sort of sizes and specs of garage pads depending on the garage size and specs. Intended to be placed on that pad. All our pads do come with an avg. of 5” thick, 2% slope towards the alley, adequate reinforcement, 32 MPa concrete mix, 20ml. aggregate, compacted subgrade, curb walls, smooth finish, an apron and relief joint line to ensure it’s sturdiness & longtime service

New & Restored Driveway

Unlike a garage pad, concrete Driveways will generally have a steeper slope, no curb walls, but otherwise serves the same purpose. We are fully equipped to break/demolish & haul away your old cracked and damaged driveway and place a new one in it’s spot. We use the same specs as our Garage pad 


Side-Walks sometime called pathways are used to walk either around your building or from your house to a garage or to street. Our sidewalks come in 2’-6”’, 3’ and 4’ widths, broom finished, wet cut to 4’ lengths & divided by bitumen joint tapes to avoid premature cracking. All sidewalks are reinforced with compacted subgrade and wire mesh

Concrete Stairs, Steps & Landings

Our highly skilled team can truly do a lot with concrete. Stairs & Landings are no exception. Whether you require a landing to step in from your back-yard to a garage or a set of stairs going along that steep yard we can help! Usually, come with brushed finish and available in a variation of colors and many finishes

Concrete Patio SlabsConcrete Patio

With our concrete pump services, we are able to reach virtually any part of your property, even to your backyard to make sure we can build you a beautiful concrete pad patio. Check out our finishes & Color variation to find the best match for your home


Fully Custom Foundations With Engineered Blue-PrintsConcrete Foundation

We are equipped and capable of completing any type of foundation projects. Frost Walls? Footings? Engineered Slabs on Grade? Screw Piles? No Problem! We take the hassle & Complexity off your shoulders. We can even design & have our engineer to review, stamp and sign off on the project

Retaining Walls & Support Wallsretaining walls

Purpose & Specs:

Retaining walls are used for many purposes. We offer retaining walls anywhere from 18” to 8’ tall. We can also replace your existing wood retaining wall with a concrete one to ensure much higher time expectancy and durability

Interior Concrete Floors

Interior concrete flooring is in style! A heated polished beautifully finished concrete floor will not only impress but will sustain itself for many years to come. Available in both residential & Commercial applications

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Coatings, Finishes & Services

Finishing Typesconcrete finish

There are several finishing available when placing concrete. For a garage pad, for example, it’s a good idea to go with a smooth finish, and for driveway or steps, a broomed finish is preferable to avoid slip and fall situations. We offer all kind of finishing over all our applications

Shapes and Colorsstamped concrete

Concrete can come in many different shapes & Colors, There are multiple stamps to chose from to make your concrete to look like, brick, stone and even hardwood!. It also comes in many different colors and shades variations



Cure and Seal Coatingcure seal concrete

There are products to enhance your natural concrete curing process. The seal portion is nonetheless important to make sure it’s protected from elements, it comes in flat, semi-gloss or glossy finishes. The sealer is applied when the concrete has had enough time to cure and release the majority of unused mix water.



Epoxy & Polyasparticepoxy floor covering

 Epoxy or Polyaspartic flooring coatings is virtually waterproof, and protects against a lot of chemicals which makes is a big deal for garage floors that get their fair share of spills and leaks. It will hide most of your imperfections and small compression cracks. The finish stays fresh for years and wipes clean like a kitchen counter, and not least important it looks like a showroom!

Concrete Restoration & Water IssuesConcrete Issues

 Alta Home handles many concrete restoration and water issues around your house which if not dealt with on time, can cause heavy problems down the road. Weeping Tile, trenching We Can Do It!Let us know of your issue and we will be happy to come by and suggest the right solution for your issue

Excavation & DemolitionExcavation Services

We offer full excavation, topsoil, grass and earth haul away, back-fill services with all our concrete projects. We can also break your existing concrete pad and discard it. No need to deal with multiple contractors and face miscommunication which almost always result in spending more money. Let Alta Home handle everything from start to finish!

Anything Else With ConcreteConcrete Contractor

If there is anything else on your list that requires a concrete, please give us a shout and we will be happy to look at it

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