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Savvy Home Improvement Advises For Today’s Homeowners 

Best Of HomeStars Awards – And We Did It!

Each year HomeStars carefully goes through all the companies and contractors in their database to select a handful of companies to award the with Best Of Awards. This year Alta Home Garages & More has been selected as best of in the: Calgary Garage Builder & Basement Renovation Categories. "Best Of" Awards are being awarded based on several factors i.e integrity, consistency; but the main ones are homeowner reviews that [...]

Resolving the cost mystery of Building a Garage

The price to build a garage consists of many different variables and components. Aside from the fact, that every company has their own strategy of putting together a cost we will go over the milestones, materials and efforts as well as costs that go into the quote of completing a garage building a garage: Permits and City By-Laws This step entails several sub-steps: such as comparing the wants against the [...]

Resolving the cost mystery, of construction & renovation projects Part 1

The mysteries behind the cost of construction or renovation, companies don’t want you to know! Part 1: General Approach There is no one universal formula to calculate the cost of a construction project, we will explore what goes into a price of typical home improvement projects, such as garage builds, basement renovation, decks, concrete jobs etc. So what is hiding behind the mysterious dollar amount you receive on your quote? [...]

DIY vs. Hiring A Professional Contractor

Can I really build my garage? Develop a basement? Or handle my concrete job? As a homeowner, you can always contemplate the idea of finishing your home addition projects such as garage builds and basement development yourself known as D.I.Y instead of hiring a professional contractor, but there are some questions to think about first before taking that important decision. Here are some of them: Consider your skills and abilities very carefully. Having [...]

6 Things To Consider Before Hiring a Basement Renovation Company

Many challenges face homeowners when they start working on the idea of developing their basement. From design ideas to ensuring the quality work done within a specific time frame and budget. The first step to a successful renovation project is choosing the right company. We have put together 6 items to look for that would guarantee the results and the quality you are aiming for. 1-Check for business license Legitimate contractors [...]

Cracks In My Newly Poured Concrete Are OK!?

The most common question and most common misconception about concrete is, “Will it crack?”. The answer is simple… Most Likely Yes, but don’t be frightened. Bellow, you will learn all about cracks in concrete and what we do about it As concrete hardens it begins to shrink ever so slightly. In fact, concrete shrinks 1/16th of an inch for every ten feet of length that are placed. Which may result [...]